4/5/17 fishing in a hurricane report

I had Steve and his three buddies from Georgia on a very windy six hour charter today.  The day started a little slow but quickly picked up with a ton of snook, a few redfish, and some beast trout.  They caught a few underslot trout and a 19-3/4″, 19-3/4″, 20″,  21″, 22″, and a 27″ beast.

4/3/17 you don’t know unless you go report

I had Jacob and his two friends on the boat during their spring break all the way from Michigan.    I knew the forecast was a bit windy but we decided to give it a shot. I had been catching some pretty decent fish and knew I would be able to get out of the wind and get it done.  They caught a bunch of snook up to 27 inches, twin 22 inch trout, a 17 inch trout, and a 22 inch redfish as well as a 13″ flounder and several undersized trout.


4/2/17 maybe next week report

 Had the guys from Michigan out again today on Sarasota Bay for a six hour trip.  We couldn’t count the number of snook they caught there were so many.  They got two redfish that were 29 inch twins and a snook that was 27.995″…maybe next week it’ll be in the slot…

4/1/17 April fish’s day!

After a morning of eleventy billion 17″ trout with Jim and the boys from Buffalo I had Jeff and his son out for an afternoon 1/2 day.  They had a fairly decent trip catching snook trout and a few scattered reds.   The highlight was an overslot snook on the last cast!