3/21/17 don’t give up report

  1. What a day. I had my regulars today for another 6 hour charter. I’ve been struggling a little to nail the fish down on the flats over the last few days post front. I picked up 1000 shrimp after my trip yesterday afternoon and planned on having a solid day herding sheep. Well, I picked up at Kingfish boat ramp on Anna Maria at 8:30 and headed right to the SE Tampa reef in the bay. By 8:50 we had 4 solid 14″ sheepshead in the boat. Then it shut off. I went from there to the 3 mile north. Nothing. To the 1 mile. Nothing. To the Coquina reef. Nothing. At noon I made the decision to make a 12 mile run. At 12:50 we hadn’t put another fish in the boat. At 2:35 we called it quits with a grand total of 19 sheepshead and 1 snapper in the box. I wasn’t counting but I’d say between the short and slot fish we released an additional 25 sheepshead and 20 snapper. In all I ran over 56 miles to get it done today.

When I do seminars 2 things I stress are “if you aren’t catching fish, MOVE” and “if what you’re doing isn’t working, CHANGE WHAT YOU’RE DOING”. I was constantly moving and changing today till we figured out what worked and were rewarded.

3/11-3/13 playing catchup

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday’s charters kept very busy catching good numbers of snook and several really nice trout. We’re going to switch gears in the next few days as the cold front takes hold. We’ll be going back to dock fishing for sheepshead and snapper. With the cooler water temps these species should really fire up!

3/10/17 snook-a-palooza!

Had Frank and his family out for a 6 hour inshore trip today.  The trout fishing has been kinda on today off tomorrow so I changed gears and took em snook fishing.  The bite started slow but after the first fish ate it was on like Donkey Kong! That first fish happened to be a 38″ beast of a snook! They caught fish after fish after fish for 4 solid hours.  What a day!