Client with sea trout before releasing it into tampa bay

Trout Habitat

Seatrout found inshore and nearshore in and around seagrass meadows, mangrove-fringed shorelines, deep holes and channels and above oyster bars. Free-line live shrimp or small pinfish or pigfish (grunts) near the bottom to entice trout out of grass-bed holes. Attaching a float will allow these baits to drift over the grass beds as you search for trout. Casting with soft-bodied jigs, top-water poppers and spoons can be effective. Trout are very delicate, so returning unwanted or illegal fish promptly to the water is necessary to maintain a healthy population. Spotted seatrout are a good eating fish.


Spotted seatrout are multiple spawners, meaning they spawn many times throughout an extended spawning season that usually begins in mid March and runs through mid-September. They are believed to spawn primarily in the estuary that they were born in. In each spawning event or batch, they release hundreds of thousands of untended, pelagic eggs.